steff eleoff's story
What began as a therapeutic hobby blossomed into an entrepreneurial adventure when Steff Eleoff spotted a gap in the market. Having already cut her teeth in sculpture and fine art, Steff Eleoff was no stranger to working with her hands. Blending nature’s organic shapes, the art of silversmithing, and her background in Sculpture and Fine Arts, she creates distinctive and wearable jewelry that captivates.

“I wanted something different to accessorize with, and so I created more unique pieces that elevate the everyday."
Everything is handcrafted by Eleoff herself, with pieces winding seductively around fingers, earlobes, waistlines and necks. For the most part, the pieces are imbued with references to architecture and the rich history that suffuses the art world. She’s also inspired by nature; the free-flowing lines and repetitive patterns found in water droplets and rivers especially.

Since she launched her eponymous label in 2020, Eleoff has developed this cult following of customers and celebrity fans who swear by Steff Eleoff. Kylie Jenner wears her abstract pieces, along with the likes of Halley Bailey and Doja Cat to name a few.