Every piece in the Steff Eleoff collection is designed and finished by hand, leveraging techniques from jewellers’ traditional carving, lost wax casting, and fine soldering. Each freshwater pearl is individually knotted by hand, offering the highest possible standard of craftsmanship applied at each stage of the process.

Sterling Silver is a precious metal and will require some cleaning from time to time. To polish your silver, apply a pea-sized amount of silver polish to a soft cloth, firmly buff the item in a circular motion, rinse well under warm water, and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

This metal is H20 sensitive, so take your pieces off before jumping in the shower or washing your hands. Remember, your Steff Eleoff products are the finishing touches to your look, so put your pieces on after applying cosmetics. Perfumes, hair spray or make-up can build-up on the surface, ultimately dulling it's appearance. The oils on your skin help to keep the sterling silver from oxidizing, so wear often, and keep your piece in your SE box for safe keeping.